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mountain-snow.jpgFalling snow at noon today hides Mt Wellington

Much of southern Tasmania is isolated this morning after wintry conditions forced road closures around the state.

The Midlands Highway was closed after three accidents involving double-B trucks.

Hobart’s Southern Outlet also iced up and roads further south were also closed to traffic.

West Coast roads are also closed indefinitely.



Snow and ice are causing major disruptions on Tasmania’s roads this morning, with authorities forced to shut the main highways between the north and the south and to the west coast.

The Midland Highway is shut south of Oatlands, and the Lyell Highway is closed north of Derwent Bridge.

Snow and ice have created treacherous conditions.

The Midland Highway is closed between Melton Mowbray and Mudwall Road, and the alternative route through Colebrook, shown above in a photograph by Laurie Smythe, is barely passable.

[From ABC News ]

remote-1.jpgLaunching the ABE from Southern Surveyor. Image credit – CSIRO

Scientists aboard the research vessel, Southern Surveyor, return to Hobart today with a collection of coral samples and photographs taken in the Southern Ocean at greater depths than ever before.

Using a remotely operated submersible vehicle the international research team captured images of life found on deep-sea pinnacles and valleys up to three kilometres beneath the Ocean’s surface.

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