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Rain fails to top-up Hydro storages

Great Lake is at record low levels. (Andrew Fisher photograph. ABC)

Recent rain has done little to replenish Hyrdo’s Tasmania’s storages.

Storages fell to around 18 per cent over the summer period, the lowest in over 40 years, and Hydro’s energy resources manager, David Marshall, says the Basslink power cable and the gas-fired Bell Bay power station are being used extensively.

He says he does not expect power rationing this year.


frogpondsrock 04.01.08 at 9:38 pm

mmm. I am in the Southern Midlands and we definately need some rain.

I noticed that you only have three Tasmanian blogs listed on your sidebar. I am a Tasmanian blogger and I will give you some links to other Successful Tasmanian bloggers if you like..

Andrew 04.01.08 at 11:11 pm

Tassie has been taking Victoria’s power? I had no idea that Tas was so short of water that hydro cannot produce enough electric.

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