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Not enough water for pulp mill

Hydro Tasmania says it cannot guarantee water supplies to the $2 billion Gunns Limited pulp mill.

The news comes as water flows in the South Esk basin plummet because of drought.

As well, Hydro Tasmania has reduced generation and thus water releases from Great Lake.

The level of the lake has dropped to 15.9 per cent of capacity ahead of a weekend of high evaporation because of hot weather.

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Tom Mitchell 03.31.08 at 10:00 am

With a complex valued at over $2.5 billion one would think that a mere $1.5 million for a desalination plant would be small potatoes.

The expected life of the plant is 25 years or so. If global warming and global dimming continue apace, do Gunns expect the plant to function under water or with wet feet? Or hasn’t this been taken into account or been dismissed as unlikely?

And, finally, does anyone else think that there has been and is too much by way of social welfare handouts for private enterprise? Investing is a gamble, pure and simple, if you do your dough then why should the government bail you out? Perhaps i might qualify for a handout vis a vis my non-winning Tatts ticket?

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