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Forest Flashpoint in the Florentine

florentine-1Police move in on protestors at Camp Flozza in the Florentine Valley. Photographer: Niki Davis-Jones

Anti-logging protesters have clashed with police in the Upper Florentine Valley in Tasmania’s south.

Up to 200 protestors tried to march onto Forestry Tasmania land this morning and more than a dozen were arrested after forcing their way through a police line.

One protestor stopped forest workers by chaining himself to machinery, while four people remain in tree sits at the site of a protest camp that was broken up early this week.

The march was in response to the police breaking up a protest camp on Monday to allow Forestry Tasmania to build a road through the area.

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salamander 01.14.09 at 9:33 pm

And the protests will continue, as it is the people’s only way of showing their disapproval of the whole approval process for the pulp mill which is destroying these forests. It is time the spineless politicians who approved it realise that.

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