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Water by David LeamanBy Fred Baker | Water — Facts, issues, problems and solutions is not an easy book — but then water isn’t easy to understand. In fact, it’s downright weird.

Geologist David Leaman says if you want to understand how liquids behave, don’t study water.

The scope of the book is limited mostly to Tasmania, which is not noted in as suffering much of a water problem. Actually, it suffers from almost all the problems driving the catastrophe on the mainland and, given its small size, Tasmania is an ideal case study because of its geological and hydrological variety. It’s the Australian canary, warning us of dangers before we can smell them.

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David Siepen

Paul County portfolio

From Before we eat …

Paul County is a fifth generation Tasmanian who grew up in Hobart.

A statement which is nowhere as lively as the piece Bernard Lloyd wrote on the back flap of their book Before we eat … a delicious slice of Tasmania’s culinary life:

Lamb chops and three veg seems an unlikely entrée for the founder of an historical culinary research organisiation but that is because it leaves out Dino Bonifacio, the Italian next-door neighbour who offered him bitter black olives over the back fence: a playmate’s father, a Lebanese butcher, who hung meat to cure in the back shed; and the heady smell of chocolate wafting from the Cadbury factory.

Add a mother with a love of books and a father who kept the family’s history alive with stories of Paul’s colourful ancestors (one who charted the rugged west coast in the 1820s, another who operated the first private sawmill in Tasmania on the Huon River and a third who played violin in Martin Cash’s bushranging gang) and you have Paul County, teacher and cook as well as a photographer and storyteller, who still loves roast lamb with three veg.

The end result of the exercise was a stunning exhibition — and we feature a selection in this Paul County portfolio.

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Throughout thisTasmania you will find extracts of recipes from photographer and publisher Paul Country’s engrossing book When we eat: A seasonal guide to Tasmania’s fine food and drink.

A recipe from the book, accompanied by one of his tasty photographs, will be published under the Tastes of Tasmania category every Wednesday.

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