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Horse-powered farming returns to Tasmania


Horse-powered farming is experiencing a rebirth in Tasmania, according to Rural Online, ABC, and the price of fuel may have something to do with it.

A heavy horse association has just been formed to help share the dwindling knowledge of how to train and work horses on farms.

More than 100 people turned out to the association’s first field day at Kindred on July 17.

Field day host, Brad Saunders, says people are interested in keeping heavy horses for a number of uses, not just farm work.

Brad says he uses his Clydesdales for 80 per cent of his farm work.


dennis martin 11.22.08 at 6:44 am

I also farm some with horses and
love to do so.you never know when this knowledge may become
nessasary for survival

Kitty Corbett 12.21.08 at 5:47 am

Dennis Martin has got that right! A group of us in Georgia are looking for this knowledge for that very reason–also because one of us is a horse enthusiast who would like to see the horse restored to a place of honor and value, and not regarded as a childish indulgence.

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