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Anti-pulp mill march attracts up to 15,000


Photographs by Matt Newton and Rob Blakers.


Anti-pulp mill activists will ratchet up their campaign to stop the $1.9billion Gunns project with a boycott of its corporate backers, according to The Mercury.

They are urging people who oppose the mill to close their accounts at lead financier ANZ and withdraw superannuation funds from major shareholders Perpetual and AMP if they continue to support the project.

Wilderness Society executive director Alec Marr said: ‘This campaign will rock the financial foundation of Australia, no one has ever gone after these guys in the way we are intending to — together we will be unstoppable.’

The Wilderness Society said about 15,000 took part in the protest despite intermittent rain, while Tasmania Police estimated numbers between 10,000 and 12,000.